Amida, Thread Trimmer For Knitting Garment, Thread Trimmer For Woven Garment

Amida Thread Trimmer For Knitting Garment.

Respective products
  • FT100 Fixed StyleFT100 Fixed Style
  • FT100-2 Fixed Style(Double-Head)FT100-2 Fixed Style(Double-Head)
  • Fixed Style With Swirl MotorFixed Style With Swirl Motor
Applicable To Knitting Garments :
(Such as: Children’s Wear, T-shirt, Underwear etc)
1. Trimming thread ends and collecting the waste with same pace, reduces trimming
cost,eliminates scissor damage, and provides clean and comfortable working
2. Same trimming quality for the garments without damage.
3.Easy to more, operate and maintain, no hurt to the labors’ hands.

Technical parameters
Power120W ~ 370W
Revolution2850 ~ 3450RPM

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